10 Garden Trends to Follow in 2020

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Gardening in 2020 is said to focus on making the most of what you already have, re-landscaping your garden, more DIYing and eco-conscious planting combines with the latest technology to help you enhance your garden this 2020.

10 Garden Trends to Follow in 2020


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Here are the top 10 trends in gardening in 2020.

1. Gardening Vertically – more and more small house and apartment owners will try to incorporate green into their lives. Vertical gardening is a creative way and a great opportunity to practice gardening at home – no matter the size of space.

2. Incorporating technology – gardeners nowadays are turning to tech to boost their green spaces. This includes growing light gardens use for indoor spaces that don’t get enough light and self-watering pots if you need help remembering to water your plants. You can check more of these tech gardening tools online and see what you need.

3. Sustainability – this is an ongoing trend even before and all gardeners aim to have a sustainable garden. Composting and using products with a long lifetime are some ways to have a sustainable garden.

4. Covered pergola – transform your garden and extend your living space with your garden through the pergola.

5. DIYing and Repurposing - There are a lot of ideas for repurposing garden items for practical purposes. Garden pots can be used as containers for collecting produce from your garden.

6. Water – ponds and birdbaths along with plants promote peacefulness. The sound of flowing water can draw attention away from public noises helping to create a space to relax.

7. Plants with multi-purpose – adding plants that have more to offer than being just good-looking is also a trend to follow in 2020. Considering adding plants that have fragrance, are edible, can serve as mosquito repellant, and have cooling effects.

8. Accessorise – 2020 aims for a more creative garden. It doesn’t have to be plant-focused rather designing panels for a more artistic flare.

9. Blue blossoms – blue plants can add show-stopping looks. Adding this blossom can make your garden very unique.

10. Secured garden – since most gardens are placed outdoor, it could be an entryway for burglars. Research for fence and gate solution that is safe, secure and sustainable.

Hoping to have a better garden in 2020 with these trends is doable and ensures a sustainable, more relaxed, and multiple-duty green space.

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