4 Innovators Who Prove that Disability is not an Obstacle to Success

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Disability nowadays is accepted anywhere especially when it comes to employment. You can see handicaps independently strolling and doing jobs even working physically and that is really good news. Inventions such as wheelchair accessible vehicles, handicap lifts, stair lifts and more make the lives of the physically-challenged so much easier. Big thanks to well-known innovators who make this possible.

4 Innovators Who Prove that Disability is not an Obstacle to Success

Now, a person with a physical condition won’t just hide at home and do nothing for their dreams. There are influencers who keep on motivating, giving them hope and making them feel the success bit by bit. The innovators who have a huge contribution to this transformation are:


Farida Bedwei

One of the most important figures in software engineering and financial technology. Despite having been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, she strides to educate the disabled and their loved ones that the condition should never be a hindrance from achieving their goals.

Image source: https://techherng.com/farida-bedwei/


Ralph Braun

The founder of BraunAbility. He lost his ability to walk at a young age but didn’t stop him from pursuing engineering works and designed the world’s first wheelchair lift. His physical limitation did not prevent him from his goal of living independently and prove society that disabled can live a normal and active life. We won’t have an advanced vehicle wheelchair lifts today if not because of Sir Ralph Braun.

Image source: https://www.kanchi.org/transcending-beyond-challenges-ralph-braun/


Vinton Cerf

Vinton Cerf - is an American computer scientist or widely well-known as the father of the internet. He has hearing disabilities who advised programmers to keep in mind the disabled when designing and developing system and software.

Image source: https://www.cnet.com/news/internet-inventor-vint-cerf-accessibility-disability-deaf-hearing/ via Getty Images


Herman Hollerith

Herman Hollerith – is an American statistician who have learning disabilities. Despite his condition, he was able to tabulate medical statistics gathered by the United States Army with his invention – a tabulating machine.

Image source: https://history-computer.com/People/HollerithBio.html

Sometimes the people who happened to face real-life challenges are more likely to invent machines that in result will help them with their condition as well as others having the same limited mobility.

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