A Comprehensive Guide for Aircon Services & Installation

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The climate of Singapore is quite warm and humid throughout the year. This means you just cannot do without an air conditioner. When you are buying an air conditioner, then the best brands that hit your mind are Daikin, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Toshiba, Sanyo, Sharp, Fujitsu, Carrier, LG & Panasonic. However, when you want to install an air conditioner, then you will need Aircon services as well.


A Comprehensive Guide for Aircon Services & Installation

For example, you need to have adequate insight into installation, Repair, and Servicing. Now the best thing to do will be to seek professional help for the Aircon services. Well, the good news is that there many services in Singapore that offer flawless Aircon services. These include Yonghe Aircon Services. These services are currently one of the best and are reliable as well.

Guidelines For Installing a Split System Air Conditional

To make things easier you need to have a look at some guidelines as well that will offer you essential tips about split ac installation.

Check the wall strength

First, it is important to ensure that the wall on which the ac is going to be installed should be quite strong so that it can hold the weight of the unit.

Pay attention to the spacing between the AC unit and the wall

Proper spacing needs to exist between the ac unit and the wall. You need to understand that the split ac will need about 15 cm of the open space surrounding the top and the sides for perfect airflow.

The installation height needs to be accurate

The installation height also matters. The indoor unit of the split needs to be mounted at a height of about 7 to 8 feet above the actual ground to facilitate proper cooling.

Remember to tilt the bracket

When the aluminum bracket is being fixed, then it is important that the bracket should have a slight tilt as well. This way the indoor unit can easily acquire the unrestricted flow of condensed water from the actual drain pipe.

Protect units from direct sunlight exposure

Another important thing to remember is that the indoor and outdoor unit should never be exposed to direct sunlight.

Make use of a flat surface for installing the outer unit

One more thing to make a note of is that the outdoor unit should be placed on a rigid and flat surface. You need to understand that the outdoor unit has key components like the fan motor, condenser, and compressor as well.

If the placement of the unit is not correct, then it will suffer from excessive vibrations. This can lead to the breakage of the pipes and can even lead to the damage of the condenser. If the placement is incorrect, then the vibrating unit is bound to create a lot of noise as well which can be quite disturbing.

Now you should make sure that you go for twice an air cleaning when you get a split installed. This will help to fix any small issues with your aircon and will help to keep it in top-notch working condition.

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