Best Accessibility Solutions for Making Your Home Accessible

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Best Accessibility Solutions for Making Your Home Accessible

Day-to-day life for the differently-abled can be challenging, especially if new special needs have just arisen. The most familiar places, like home and the workplace, can be challenging to work around and basic areas like the door or the stairs would become somewhat of an obstacle or for some become hazardous. Retaining the original setup of the home or the workplace would be too overwhelming or too stressful to adapt to. The best option would be to rethink the accessibility of the space or area, what best to upgrade, retain, replace, or install.

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Best Accessibility Solutions for Making Your Home Accessible

How to transform a house or workplace into an accessible space? Here are a few key points to look into.

Ramps - These are not just friendly for those who are in mobility aids or wheelchairs but also for people who are having a difficult time lifting their feet to step up a few flights of stairs. There are several types of ramps available and the first one to look into is for the entrance of the home or workplace. There are a lot of types like portable ones, collapsible ramps, threshold kinds, or the fixed ones installed that are both flexible for indoor or outdoor. Best to get one that fits your day-to-day activities. Install in all doors, entrances/exits.

Stair lift - If your home was originally set up to have a few floors. This should be considered. Some stairlifts were made for indoors, some outdoors, some compatible with both. Most reliable for individuals on mobility aids or wheelchairs to move up or down a multi-level home or workspace. For indoors, there are stairlifts wonderfully innovated to adapt existing staircase designs and making sure it’s still ultra-safe - adaptable to straight, curved, and both straight and curve designed staircases, with elegant and stylish upholstery, security belts, safe controls and edges, and could just be folded neatly away. These are just a few of their amazing features.

Elevator - Another option to look into for multi-level homes or buildings would be installing home lifts or residential lifts. Workplace ones can similarly be set up. They are much swifter than stairlifts, can easily be installed in an existing building, are safe and elegant, can carry a whole lot more weight, and another advantage of this is increasing the building value. Elevators can be installed both indoor and outdoor to any building that’s multi-level and vertical movement is needed.

Kitchen Enhancements - Food is essential and rethinking the kitchen access is a must. Upgrading or replacing cabinets or cupboards and the tabletops will definitely be one of them. Electronic and moving cupboards, cabinets, adjustable tabletops are now available in the market. One just needs to choose which direction should the cupboards be in so it’s much easier for the user? Diagonal? Vertical? Both? There are a whole lot of types available - some even have a flexible feature that does both. Installing this new system in the kitchen allows the full use of the whole kitchen stress-free even if there is a physical challenge.

Bathroom Upgrades - This is also essential for the physically challenged who wants to live independently. Aside from the ramps, installing the hand/grab rails to avoid slips is an essential bathroom upgrade. Another one would be upgrading the whole bathroom system, like an adjustable washbasin to fit the height needed for the user’s activity. And probably adding a shower changing bed for the more physically challenged.

Aside from all that, please don’t forget the nonslip floorings or rubber/grip mats for the bathrooms. Not too thick of a rug, pick out the smooth ones. Avoid tiles and hardwood floors. And make sure no trip area parts on the floor.

By rethinking the all-around mobility of the user and upgrading your space, it would create a comfortable home or workplace, ensure safety around the space, and provide an independent area for the physically challenged individual and the people around them freedom from worry.

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