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When you like doing something, you naturally become good at it.


Develop A Passion for Chemistry

This is the policy that Mr. William Lin abides by at the Making Sense Learning Centre. He founded the tuition centre in 2011 offering A-Level Chemistry tuitions with the aim to help students ‘make sense of seemingly complex concepts. By eliminating the fear factor associated with the subject, he believes any and every student is capable of achieving academic excellence in Chemistry.


“I still remember the days when I felt lost in every lesson, unable to keep up with tutorials at school. Then, I started tuition with William. Chemistry suddenly went from being my greatest source of worry to the subject I had the most confidence in. I was blown away by the ease with which Mr. William helped us to realize concepts, link topics together, and remember things better.” These are the words of Felix Tseng, enrolled into Making Sense to be guided under the able tutelage of Mr. William. Felix started out on a U grade, but after his enrollment to Making Sense he went on to achieve an A grade in his GCE A level.

The secret? Mr. William’s innovative teaching strategies! He claims, “Lecturing is like a performance. You need to find a way to deliver content in the most interesting way. Part of me wants to teach, while the other part wants students to be entertained and enjoy coming to class. When they find Chemistry interesting, that is half the battle won.”

At Making Sense, teaching and enjoyment do not stand exclusive of each other. By inserting relevant and interesting factoids as well as well-timed jokes into his lessons, he ensures that students enjoy attending his lessons enough to attend his classes willfully and regularly.


With overwhelming quantities of concepts and theories for students to recall, it can often become difficult for them to effectively apply these theories via conventional learning practices. Sheer hard work is not always enough to see them through the examinations. The trick is to learn effectively. In his early years of teaching, Mr. William realized that students are often “paralyzed by the sheer amount of concepts.” He believes that students must fully comprehend the rationale behind concepts in order to apply them effectively. The idea is to ensure that students go beyond the syllabus and retain a proper chain of thoughts that enables them to completely grasp theoretical concepts.


Making Sense takes their commitment to effective teaching to a whole new level by developing customized study material that translates their teaching strategy onto textbooks. “Every year, we match our materials against those of the best colleges and try to better them. Our notes are well-structured, detailed yet concise, and many of our students rely heavily on our notes to ace their examinations. This is one of their most powerful tools to help them stay ahead of the national average.”

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