Essential Gardening Supplies for Beginners

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Essential Gardening Supplies for Beginners Starting your own garden is known to be the most rewarding thing to do. Getting yourself started with a vegetable garden or if you are planning to raise a floral one not only benefits you but also the people around you. But the question really is, where do you start? What supplies do you need to get? What steps are to be taken?

Below are a few of the essentials that you need to think about before starting.

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Essential Gardening Supplies for Beginners

What to plant

Do you plan to raise a herb garden? Vegetable garden? Floral garden? Or all of them? If you choose to plant herbs and vegetables, this will eventually be super beneficial to you and everyone around you as you harvest. You can use it in your day-to-day menu. Think about the specific vegetables or herbs that you would use when you cook or when your family or friends are over. For florals, you might want to explore which colours and scents and when they bloom and show it. If you’ve chosen, you need to think if the seeds will be available in your area? Will they thrive in your climate?

Gardening spot

Think about where you want your gardening space to be. Will the sun be able to shine there every day and at what times they do? There are certain types of plants that only require a few dozes of sun, some require just only the morning sun, some the afternoon one. Either way, whatever plant you need to decide on planting - they need some sun for them to grow. Some even grow with minimal to no sun or just a glimpse and are situated at a shaded part of the home.

Plant containers

Do you have a part of your land fit for planting and creating garden beds or will you be using garden pots? Crates? Recycled materials? Will your chosen plant/s be able to grow in your chosen container?

Garden tools

Choosing the right tools for your garden to start and the tools for you to maintain them would really be essential as it would make you feel happy to be taking care of your plants. It has been said that plants feel and listen to the gardener. They bloom even more if they are being happily taken care of.

Choosing the right soil

Fertile and healthy soil will allow your plants to grow beautifully. Choosing the right soil for your plant of choice is essential too. Especially if you plant vegetables and herbs that you would consume later on. Best if you start with organic potting soil.

The boost

Now that everything is set, when the seeds have been planted to the perfect match of soil that you need, you need to continue giving the nourishment it needs as the plant is absorbing all of it. Organic fertilizer and organic compost are must-haves. Imagine all the chemicals being absorbed by the plant from the synthetic brands? It would not show physically, but it would definitely be in the actual vegetable or herb.

Extra care

As your garden blooms, it would be really attractive to insects and pests. Keep in mind, the plant absorbs whatever you feed it. It would be such a waste if you’re using an organic start and you care then with synthetic ones that could also harm you. Giving your plant babies some organic pesticides and neem oil for plants - is the organic way!

Really essential to think around all of these before you even start. Don’t forget to be happy around your plants!

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