Exploring How Lymphatic Massage is Performed

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Lymphatic Massage is a kind of technique that is used for treating the accumulation of fluid that usually occurs when the lymph nodes are removed after surgery. Now, the good news is that it is quite easy to get hold of Lymphatic Massage therapists in Singapore. You can easily search for these massage centres online and you will get a basic idea about the reputation of these centres. Additionally, you can also acquire Thai massage, Swedish Massage, Pre-Natal Massage, and Post-Natal Massage in Singapore. However, it is important that you should have a basic idea regarding how these therapies are performed.


Exploring How Lymphatic Massage is Performed

Understanding the Lymphatic Massage Procedure

Now, Lymphatic massage involves two main processes. The first is Clearing and the Second is reabsorption.

Clearing process

The clearing is performed to create a vacuum with the help of gentle pressure. This way the area gets prepared for bringing in more fluid. This helps to create the flushing effect.

When the Singapore-based therapist will perform the process, then he will focus on the inside of your elbows. Apart from this, he will focus on the axillary lymph area. This area is actually located under your arms. He will also focus on the supraclavicular lymph area. This area is located directly under your collarbone. Now, the clearing motions can even be performed 10 times a day.

Reabsorption process

When the therapist has to perform the process of reabsorption, then he needs to start with the affected part of the body, then it is important to move to the core of the body. It is vital to make use of a sweeping motion and the therapist has to make use of enough pressure for shifting the skin surface. The massage needs to be done from the fingertip to the hand, then the therapist has to move from the hand to the elbow. Eventually, it is vital to move from the elbow to the shoulder. To get the best results it is mandatory to give about 20 minutes to lymphatic massage. However, if there is a time limitation, then the therapist usually performs the first stage of this therapy and that is clearing.

When you hire a Singapore-based therapist, then you need to ensure the fact that he has the necessary education in this regard. The best approach will be to hire a professional lymphedema therapist who is an occupational or physical therapist with pathology or oncology training.

Now, you might be wondering how you should measure the effectiveness of the treatment. Well, the key parameter is that your lymphedema should not get worse if you have been regularly practicing lymphatic massage. Moreover, you also need to adopt some lymphedema management measures on your part. You should make use of the compression sleeve for preventing fluid build-up.  You can also discuss your concerns or queries with the therapist so that you have all the necessary information. The more awareness you have the easier it will become for you to manage the condition.

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