Gardening Tips and Tricks When You Have Limited Space

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Gardening Tips and Tricks When You Have Limited Space

When we finally get our own home, we would want to include all the parts of a perfect home like our own personal garden. But what if you have a limited space that you think can only lodge the primary rooms such as the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroom. Will you simply give up the garden of your dreams?

In this article, we will give you some tips and tricks to squeeze in a beautiful personal garden in your small home and make the most out of it.

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Gardening Tips and Tricks When You Have Limited Space

Do Vertical Gardening

No matter how small the space dedicated for your garden is, you can always choose to grow your plants vertically. This is common in Singapore’s urban and suburban areas where houses are modernized yet still look cozy because of the garden walls. What you just need are containers, hanging pots, and crawling plants which grow along walls and fences for a decorative and fresh-looking home.

Use Repetition

The art of repetition in gardening promotes simple design, balance, unity and tranquility. This can be achieved through repeating any element you prefer for your garden. Choose plant pots and containers with the same shape or color and feel free to add man-made structures such as furniture, garden arts, stones, and more. There’s a range of garden decors online if you are looking for gardening supplies in Singapore.

Choose the right containers

The right containers will always do the trick. Don’t be afraid to consider unusual containers such as buckets, baskets, watering cans, and some fancy garden pots you think can save space. Another thing is to always use potting soil which is made for container planting.

Plant Intensively

Plant your crops closer together than normal. There are also dwarf vegetables and fruit varieties you can take advantage of.

A small garden can only accommodate limited homegrown plants but it’s something you can easily manage and take care of. Use these tricks and tips to help you build your home garden despite the small space you have.

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