Google Ads: How Can It Help Singapore Companies Grow Their Business

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Google Ads: How Can It Help Singapore Companies Grow Their Business

In this day and age, it’s impossible not to see any type of advertising wherever you go. There are still giant billboards proudly displayed on the side of the roads, TV ads playing while you’re watching your favorite show, and ads showing up in the sidebar of the page you’re visiting or in the middle of the videos you’re streaming. This goes to show that from traditional advertising channels, digital marketing Singapore providers and business owners have moved on to become more technology-based and focused on targeting specific audiences with what they want and need. And it’s all because this is where people spend most of their time – online.

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Google Ads: How Can It Help Singapore Companies Grow Their Business

Even big brands know this and have since spent more of their marketing budgets on online ads. For example, in Singapore where most are sophisticated consumers, 2 out of 5 people will shop online and offline. But when you ask how they became aware of the product, 35% will say that they first found out about the product after conducting an online search. Do you see now where you should be putting your marketing budget to have better chances of attracting customers? It’s online.

How can you advertise online?

While there are different digital marketing services you can implement for your business, one that stands out is Google Ads. Formerly known as Google AdWords Express or simply Google AdWords, Google Ads is defined as an advertising platform that’s used in promoting products and services on Google Search, Youtube, videos, mobile apps, and non-search websites.

Developed by Google, it allows advertisers to bid and display advertisements or videos online. The online ads aim to answer specific goals of the business owner or advertiser such as earning website visits, increase visits to the physical store, or driving phone calls to the business. After creating a Google Ads account, you can customize the geographic area you’re targeting and the monthly budget you have in mind. Google ads can be started and stopped at any time, which is good especially if you have a tight budget.

How can Google Ads help grow business?

Growing your Singapore business is possible because, with Google Ads, you’ll be getting in front of customers who are already and actively searching for businesses similar to yours on Google Search and Maps. Even with a limited advertising budget, you can still use Google ads because you can set up a budget cap and not go over it. And as mentioned above, you can start when you have the monthly budget set up and adjust it if needed to, even pause or stop the ad because there’s no contract length.

Advertisers are only charged when the ad is clicked, but take note that the cost of a call or click varies depending on some factors.

Google ads are one of the best ways to start your digital marketing services plan. With no minimum spend requirement, even Singapore start-up companies and small and medium enterprises can afford to fork out money for this online marketing platform. All you’ve got to do is sign up for a Google Ads account and there will be a set-up process to guide beginners in creating advertisements.  

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