Ideas to Boost Employee Satisfaction & Motivation

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Ideas to Boost Employee Satisfaction & Motivation

Employee Benefits are perks added to an employee’s salary. These usually are medical, dental, or vision health benefits, retirement plans, life insurance, paid leave, medical leave, or disability benefits among others. Having these added on in your employee packages will make each of your employees feel cared for and loved but won’t be able to appreciate it unless the time comes, they need it - like the medical and insurance benefits can only be availed when sick. Some might not be able to feel the benefits because they haven’t used them yet.

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Ideas to Boost Employee Satisfaction & Motivation

Our employees need motivation. These employee benefits are essential but there is so much more that is happening in their day-to-day lives that adding something around that would mean much more.

Here are some ideas:

Telecommuting and/or flexible schedule - Everybody gets tired and would definitely want to rest or want a new working environment view - like at home. Adding this option to your benefits would benefit everyone - mental and physical health care is also essential. Schedules need to be agreed upon of course.

Free Food - May it be just a random day at the office and just throw in free lunch for everyone or set up parties for the holidays with gifts and raffle prizes and don’t forget this especially - employees’ birthdays - this surprise and free treats would be greatly appreciated and remembered.

Great tea or coffee - Busy office people might need a regular perk up or tone down. Free-flowing in the pantry would be nice but random morning goodness could do too.

Gift checks or vouchers - Giving away monthly or yearly gift checks or vouchers that they can use to shop in a grocery store, mall, or a shop where they can buy some home or office supplies for themselves. Who doesn’t love discounts, right? Employees would love that they can save regularly.

Corporate Discount and Deals - Employees could hugely benefit from this and would make them feel happy and proud to be part of the company. Have discount cards made and distributed to each employee so that they can see and feel the benefit/s every day upon using it. The discount cards could also be set up to be used also in a restaurant or coffee shop, a grocery store, and only available for employees within the company. Good deals could be special food packages, a few cups of premium coffee for the week, gadgets that would definitely fit in, types of equipment, home/kitchen stuff, skincare packages, family or kids’ needs. The ideas are limitless.

Boosting employee satisfaction may vary from company to company, some would just offer cash or bonuses, supplemental wages if targets are reached. Adding the perks above could also be set up in a rewards system way, where they gain more of any of the above if a certain goal is hit. The more goals hit, the more rewards they can claim.

Partnering with trusted benefits platforms is a must. Leading corporate employee benefits platform SmartMall Singapore is one. They’re trusted by multinational corporations in delivering the best rewards and discount programs that are hassle-free and definitely unique and customizable.

These employee benefits offerings will surely make a definitive impact on current employees and the upcoming ones since employees nowadays are looking for more than just a paycheck.

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