Navigating Unchartered Territory: How Your Business Can Adapt During Covid-19

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Covid-19 puts up an unprecedented challenge with its global impact and duration still undetermined. It pushes businesses in Singapore to arm themselves with clarity of thinking, swift actions, and resilience while navigating the unknown. To quote Bernadette Cho of Entrepreneur First: “Novel crises require novel responses.” How do you keep your business uninterrupted and accessible during this time of crisis?

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Navigating Unchartered Territory: How Your Business Can Adapt During Covid-19

Be Ready to Make Swift Decisions

Companies should be ready to implement safety measures to protect their employees while maintaining flexible working programs. Identify gaps and issues that need to be quickly addressed and communicate to your entire team.

Check work-related threats which could put your employees for potential exposure to Covid-19 and work with the Singapore Ministry of Health to ensure your company adheres to public health guidelines and government labor laws.

Implement Business Continuity Plan

Assess core functions and critical processes needed to sustain business operations and be ready to adjust business functions to make considerations for your employees who are at higher risk of contracting the illness.

Be ready and plan for a potential increase in workforce absenteeism due to the sickness of your employees or their family members. Cross-train your team to essential functions so the business can maintain organizational continuity even when key persons are not around.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Review company’s policies and procedures on flexible workplaces and see if flexible working hours are amenable to reduce risk of exposure between workers or employees. Follow local health authorities’ guidelines on social distance strategies. Companies should allow employees to telework rather than come to the office.

Delay deadlines or deliverables if necessary. Understand that aside from the business impact of this crisis, your team’s morale is also suffering a blow and may have tuckered out.

When Work from Home is Not an Option

Companies should be ready to implement telecommuting arrangements rather than coming to the office.

If your company does not have the technology and infrastructure to support employees to work from home, or that your business function requires at least once or twice a week of going to the office, then finding a suitable coworking space in Singapore can be an ideal alternative to working from home.

Work from home has all its advantages but this is not always the case. Companies who thrived using shared office space before the onset of this pandemic may still benefit from the advantages of a co-working space despite the challenges and disruptions caused by Covid-19.

There is a no one size fits all solution for every business and for some organizations, setting up coworking spaces as smart hubs allow for their employees to focus more on the work and get the job done.

Security concerns, home distractions, unstable internet connection, and a makeshift home office can pose poor working conditions for your team which is why coworking should not be dismissed out of hand.

For some start-up companies that require constant collaboration with each other, coworking offers very good conditions where ad hoc teams can be put together quickly and easily and tasks are done efficiently.

During this time of crisis, businesses large or small should remember that it is not just about the physical place of work, but above all about the support and working together that is vital as we navigate this storm.

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