One-Stop Shop To Get All Your Gardening Supplies In Singapore

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One-Stop Shop To Get All Your Gardening Supplies In Singapore

Wondering why so many people are fascinated with gardening? The reason is simple, it’s good for the mind, body, and soul.

As one of the most rewarding and healthy hobbies that people can get into, gardening is good for your physical health and mental well-being. It helps you stay active with all the weeding and digging. And for individuals who are feeling stressed or anxious, turn to the garden because it’s therapeutic and keep their minds off things.

One-Stop Shop To Get All Your Gardening Supplies In Singapore

Interested in starting your gardening journey? Then you’ll need a one-stop garden shop in Singapore where you can get all your gardening supplies and O’ Green Living is one of the best shops in the market today. Let’s take a look at the variety of products you can get at this shop.


There are five products under their soil and compost collection. First is the OGL Potting Soil, which is used for improving existing soil. This organic potting soil is used by many as it’s good for new pots and beds. The OGL Veggie Gold is the second variety is known as the “all-natural soilless mixture” used to strengthen the roots and helps achieve greener & lusher leaves and more. The third is the OGL compost, which is an organic fertilizer with an incredible ability to retain water in the soil while also improving air movement and drainage when the air compost binds up with the soil into bits.

The OGL Vermicast, on the other hand, is good in improving the soil structure and root development while also increasing nutrients intake that helps boost crop yield for edible plants. Last but definitely not least is the OGL Humi Soil that provides numerous benefits such as developing natural healthy soil and more. 


Another best-selling product from the O’Green Living’s collection is their soil amendments. If you want to improve the physical properties of the soil, then this product should be mixed with the soil as it helps it have better water retention and infiltration, structure, aeration, drainage, and permeability. Under this collection, you will find products such as the Chicken Manure, OGL Peat Moss, OGL Perlite, OGL Kanuma Pumice, and many more.


From emulsified neem oils and organic pesticides to eco fungicides and aqua meters, O’Green Living made sure there are enough products in their collection that can help with your plant and garden protection needs. These products each serve a purpose such as protecting crops, building a line of defence against pests, and more.


In addition to neem oil for plants and other protection products, there’s also a variety of seed products that you will find at their online shop. Amateur and seasoned gardeners will love the current collection of seed products available as there are flowers, fruits veggies, microgreens, and herbs. From kales and sweet corns to French marigolds and perillas, there’s a lot to choose from.  


Plant pots are also available at reasonable prices and they come in different sizes, shapes colours. These garden pots will go perfect when you display them in the flower stands that you can get from the shop. Made in Japan, these stands are available in two colours and you can choose from two or three layers. Tired of leaving your tools out in the garden? The OGL outdoor storage box that comes in two sizes is the perfect solution to keeping tools organized all the time.


Besides soil & compost, seeds and pots, your gardening journey won’t be complete without getting yourself some necessary gardening tools and one of the top products in the market today. As one of the official distributors of Makita gardening tools in Singapore, customers can purchase top-quality cordless pressure washers, grass trimmers, blowers, and more.

Gardening is for everyone! From amateur gardeners to seasoned horticulturists, starting and maintaining a garden is made possible by O’Green Living.

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