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Organic Products for Your Garden Organic produce contains fewer to no pesticides at all. Why go organic? Because the most common agricultural way of keeping the product alive for selling (non-organic produce/GMO’s) are being treated with fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides and the residues of all that remain on (and in) the food we eat also the soil they’re planted on.

Organic Products for Your Garden

Certified organic farmers do not use those toxic synthetic pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and unnecessary hormones or antibiotics. They use the traditional practices of agriculture that help in restoration, maintenance, and enhancing the health from the soil up to the produce. This traditional way of growing also doesn’t slowly poison the ecosystem of the land including the products and us consumers.

If you’re planning on growing produce yourself and don’t have that much land available or you have land but have unhealthy soil, there are some for sale per bag which you can use to pot or if you plan to grow produce from your home. Here are some of them:

OGL ORGANIC POTTING SOIL - Also known as Black Soil or Compost Soil that has been formulated to balance between absorbing and draining water. This potting soil will strengthen the foundation for your plants. This is perfect for new pots and beds, or mix with existing soil to improve it

OGL VEGGIE GOLD - If you’re growing vegetables, this soilless mixture is what you need. Since vegetables don't actually need these rocks and minerals from Earth soil to grow. The best option for organic planting soil choices - farmers love this kind as it all has the nutrients from the compost here, no bacteria and disease spores are going to sprout.

OGL ORGANIC COMPOST - is an organic fertilizer and has this amazing ability to improve water retention in the soil. While doing so, it also improves drainage. This type of fertilizer lasts longer in the soil compared with synthetic fertilizer.

OGL VERMICAST - is an organic VermiCompost end product from the process of composting Earthworms’ humus. This stabilizes the soil’s pH, detoxifies chemicals and heavy metals in the soil. Can also be used as a soil enhancer for existing plants as it improves the soil structure, root development, and increases the nutrients intake. This also increases crop yield for edible plants.

OGL HUMI SOIL - is a fully mature top-soil enhancer made from totally organic inputs that contain high levels of humic materials together with a range of beneficial microbial activity.
HumiSoil® assists in the development of a range of beneficial fungi species that provide antibiotic support to plants as well as performing important functions in the formation of soil particles and in the development of nutrient transfer cultures around the roots of plants.

Now we’ve got the soil covered, let’s discuss protection and nutrition. An organic plant will have fungus and pests lurking around them. It would cause root rot and affect the growth of the plant or vegetable, maybe even cause its death.

OGL ECO FUNGICIDE - is a combination of an organic extract and natural minerals used to control plant fungi that infect seed, soil, nearby crops, etc. This fungicide for plants is already using the recent concept of organic-mineral fungicides that leaves zero residues.

OGL ECO PESTICIDE 500ML - is one of the best organic pesticides out there. This provides various useful alkaloids that increase plant SAR (Systemic Acquired Resistance). It is made from a powerful combination of various plant and seed extracts which effectively repels or eradicates all types of insects.

OGL EMULSIFIED NEEM OIL - another type of protection and immunity booster made from Neem. Neem oil for plants was used in ancient times as fungicides and bio-pesticides, an ancient remedy to control fungus and eradicate more than 200 species of pest. This one is cold-pressed Neem oil guaranteed minimum extract of 85% and non-toxic.

MFB 100% ORGANIC NUTRIENTS SPRAY 800ML - is a formula that targets both primary and secondary metabolism in plants. Improves metabolism, balanced, and better nutrient uptake. The outcome is healthier and more productive plants that are more resistant to viruses and stressors. Works best on soil-based plants.

Growing your own food is worth a try! May it be at a house with a huge garden, or just in your apartment with pots by the window. It will definitely be a transformative experience for you.

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