The 5 Types of Landed Property You Need to Know Now Before You Purchase a Home

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The 5 Types of Landed Property You Need to Know Now Before You Purchase a Home

When it comes to purchasing your very own landed property, one must first know the difference between the various types of landed property available in Singapore. Make sure you ask for the features you want to present in your very own house one day!

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The 5 Types of Landed Property You Need to Know Now Before You Purchase a Home

1. Good Class Bungalows - The Most Luxurious

Starting with the most expensive and luxurious option there is in Singapore, the Good Class Bungalow, or GCB. In Singapore, this landed residence needs to be a minimum of 1,400 sqm (15,070sqft) with its built-up size around 10,000 sqft. There are great opportunities tied alongside the space available. For example a car porch for 3-4 cars, your very own swimming pool and even a garden! The majority of these residences can be found very close to each other. Many of which are found specifically at Sixth Avenue and Cluny Road in District 10, and Eng Neo Avenue and Swiss Club Road in District 11.

2. Detached houses

Detached houses are well in their name, independent of neighbours, a common wall or roof.

These free-standing structures have a minimum land size of 400 sqm (4306 sqft). The beauty of a detached house - commonly known as a bungalow - is that you as an individual can style it however many ways you’d like it to be. Some commonly known types of bungalows such as the Colonial bungalows (black-and-white houses) are prime examples of the many ways you can design a landed residence. Modern bungalows are also classified as detached houses.

3. Semi-detached houses

‘Semi-ds’, also known as semi-detached houses, are a pair of houses that share a common wall. Identical in design and structure, they are separated through the wall itself. You would have the power to renovate it in a way you’d prefer, under the guidelines of the government. These houses’ are sized half a detached house! Approximately 200 sqm (2153 sqft)

4. Terrace houses

Terrace houses are categorized and named townhouses or row houses. Under URA guidelines, these houses need to be a part of a minimum row of three units. Similarly to semi-detached houses, these houses are split into three with the middle tenant sharing two party walls while the ends of the houses only share one common wall. This all depends on their front setbacks from the road. Stereotyped to be consistently dark, with bad lighting and poor ventilation, it is key to consider installing air wells, and other additional structures to counteract these drawbacks.

5. Shophouses

To pay respect and homage to our Singaporean history, many of the shophouses today are classic forms of housing in Singapore. They are simply terraced houses where the ground level is primarily used for commercial purposes. These shophouses are under preservation due to their vintage structure and design. The few remaining shophouses are required to preserve their historical exteriors. It is important to understand and note that there will be people working downstairs, and for those that one to change the exterior and visual appearance of the house externally, shophouses may not be the type for you.

Want to build a house now? Know exactly which type you are looking for?

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