The Shift of Priorities towards Fun Learning

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Last week, MOE highlighted on the new move in our education system is to better support students in developing the joy of learning and preparing them for lifelong learning. Positive and meaningful school-home partnerships will help to ensure that our children get the most benefit from these changes. MOE has thus developed a set of Guidelines for School-Home Partnership where the central feature of the guidelines is how schools and parents can work hand-in-hand so that our children develop self-management skills, take responsibility as well as ownership of their learning, and build resilience.


The Shift of Priorities towards Fun Learning

Commonly described as Asia’s KIASU Parents, we are embedded with a mindset and belief that achieving good grades equalize and secures us a stable and good career. Ironic isn’t it. The fact Ministry of Education (MOE) made a bold move last September in reducing our grading systems.

Get To Have Fun

The hidden joy of this to us students is that we now GET TO HAVE FUN and not forgetting of the vast space to grow and develop our creativity. Just recently, Senior Minister of State for Education, Mr. Chee Hong Tat highlighted that the recent enhancements in enhanced junior division competitions will encourage our young athletes to enjoy their sporting experiences and exposures, have more opportunities to participate in competitions, and most importantly, to develop good and reliable character and values through playing sports.

Explore and Discover Technology

Now before getting car In May 2018, MOE also focused on the importance of role educators in helping to nurture future-ready and responsible digital learners where approximately 1,500 local and overseas practitioners gathered to exchange creativity and bright ideas, insights, and practices in embracing innovation in learning; leveraging technology to enable students to explore and discover their interests and passions; fostering a culture of lifelong learning in a digital world, and helping students exercise responsibility and thrive in the digital space.

An inaugural design challenge was held where students developed innovative ideas on how technology can shape the future of learning. This sparked a high rise in demand of parents reaching out to various robotic, coding, and STEM schools where children are exposed and taught of the fundaments and foundations of robotic relevant studies and groomed into bright brainers.

Promote Chinese Language Learning

Just recently, the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) and Mandarin edutainment channel – MaxToon has recently organized the inaugural Chinese Street Dance Competition (爱上华文街舞比赛) hoping to increase additional students’ interests in learning the Chinese Language and Chinese history.

Aspiring young dancers, aged 7 to 12, were invited to participate in this competition to not only cultivate their love for the Chinese language and culture through music and dance; but also deliver an oral introduction of their dance in Chinese and demonstrate their interpretation of the lyrics of “爱上华文” (the theme song of the competition) through their dance moves. The concept of fun learning was embraced and developed by creating a platform in helping young students develop and strengthen interest in Chinese through something they like and enjoy like dancing.

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