Top 10 Coffee Machines Wishlist In Singapore 2017

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When you are a coffee addict, then the first thing on your wishlist is a great coffee machine. There are a variety of coffee-making machines available online in Singapore, so it often becomes hard to make the best pick. When you are buying a coffee machine, then ensure that you come up with your set of requirements so that you can get your hands on the best coffee machine.

Top 10 Coffee Machines Wishlist In Singapore 2017

Best Coffee Machines worth choosing

To make things easier for you we have just devised a list of the best coffee machines. The following are the details about their exclusive features.

1 - DeLonghi Pump Driven Espresso - ECI341.BZ

This coffee maker has a unique coffee warming plate that is quite useful in keeping the coffee warm. It has a flawless cappuccino system as well that mixes milk, air, and steam. The result is a creamy and delicious cappuccino. Plus, this coffee machine has a 2-1 in crèma filter that works well for both E.S.E pods and the ground coffee.

2 - DeLonghi Pump Driven Espresso - ECO311.R

This product has a removable reservoir. Therefore, filling the coffee and cleaning the machine is not a problem. This machine also has an auto-switch-off function. This means that if the machine has not been in use for the last nine minutes, then it turns off automatically.

3 - DeLonghi Pump Driven Espresso - EC156

This coffee machine has the perfect priming system. No wonder the machine is ever ready to use. To facilitate easy cleaning this product has a removable drip tray and reservoir. The steam emission can be adjusted with ease. Plus, you can use easily serving espresso pods and ground beans in this machine.

4 - DeLonghi Coffee Machine (PrimaDonna Exclusive) - ESAM6900

The worth-loving feature of this coffee maker is that it has a valuable chocolate carafe having an automatic chocolate button. Moreover, you are bound to love the auto-cappuccino system of this machine.

5 - DeLonghi Coffee Machine (Eletta Cappuccino TOP) - ECAM45.760.W

You are going to love this coffee machine for its intuitive touch control panel. Other exclusive features of this product are direct milk buttons and an automatic cleaning functions.

6 - DeLonghi Coffee Machine (Autentica) - ETAM29.660.SB

This coffee machine has an integrated coffee grinder as well that has about 13 adjustable settings. Additionally, this machine has a removable brewing system, automatic switch on/off, touch control panel, and exclusive milk menu.

7 - DeLonghi Coffee Machine (Magnifica) - ECAM22.360.S

You can adjust the water and the coffee quantity in this machine. It has de-calcification and rinses auto programs. You have the option to use this coffee machine with coffee beans or ground coffee. Moreover, it has a patented auto-cappuccino system and a capacity indicator for the coffee ground container.

8 - Philips Grind & Brew Coffee maker - HD7762/00

This product has a unique water level indicator. You would also find an exclusive timer with this coffee machine. You can adjust the coffee intensity due to the presence of the different strength settings.

9 - DeLonghi Pump Driven Espresso - ECI341.BK

Coffee time is going to become a lot more fun with this machine. The reason is that it offers a flawless regulating dial, fifteen-bar pressure pump, and a stainless-steel boiler. To top it all, you get two different thermostats with this machine for controlling steam and water temperatures.

10 - DeLonghi Pump Driven Espresso - EC680.R

This coffee maker has a smart thermal block heating system. It has a flow stop function, and the control panel offers three illuminated buttons.

Make sure that you make your pick from the top ten coffee machines mentioned above to get the desired cup of coffee every day!

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