Vital Information To Help Get Your Site Found on Google

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Vital Information To Help Get Your Site Found on Google

So you’ve got this amazing website created and it’s filled with vital information about your business, pages are optimized with keywords that your target audience searches for and all the works needed to make it SEO-friendly, discoverable, and crawlable. But the problem is it’s still not showing up in Google’s search results. Now, there may be several things stopping your website from showing up in the SERPs, and knowing what these are will get you steps away from your goal – to get your site found on Google, or even show up on the first page.

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Vital Information To Help Get Your Site Found on Google

For an SEO agency, digital marketers, and business owners, Google has immense power and influence. It determines if a website or page is useful and relevant to what users search for when they enter a query on the search box. If it’s not showing in the results, then Google doesn’t think it deserves to rank or that they don’t even know that your website’s page exists. And this might mean to searchers to not consider the business, its products, and services.

Possible Reasons why a Site doesn’t show up in Google

The search engine giant, or rather Googlebot, crawls billions of pages every day and it’s possible for it to miss some sites or finds it uncrawlable.

1. The website is still new and it’s still not found yet.

2. You might have blocked the search engine from indexing and even crawling your pages.

3. The design, however eye-catching it looks, makes it hard for the search engine giant to crawl the content successfully.

4. There might be duplicate content issues on your website’s pages.

5. There’s an error showing to Google and its bots whenever it tries to crawl your website.

Now that you know some of the possible reasons why your website fails to show up as a result in Google’s search engine results page, you might still have some lingering questions you want to be answered as to how you can get your website on the search engines. What follows is a basic checklist that you’ll find useful as it serves as a guideline.

Checklist to Help Get your Website Showing Up on Google

People use search engines to find the information they need and if you’re not showing up on Google’s results, then you’re missing out on all the business opportunities you could have gotten. It’s time to work with your choice of SEO services Singapore provider and make sure that each item or question in this checklist is ticked off and answered.

Is your website showing up on Google?

The first item on this list is the reason why you’re reading this article – your website is not showing on Google. Usually, it’s free and easy to include your website in Google Search results. But if it’s not showing up even when you typed in “site:yoursite.com”, then that means your pages are not yet indexed and you’d have to validate the ownership of your site in GSC and submit your website’s pages again to Google.

Is the content available on your website high-quality?

Your pages should be for users and not for search engines. Make your website valuable and engaging by serving your users with high-quality content that answers what they seek. Stay away from practices that Google considers to be unfriendly practices.

Is your local business appearing on Google?

One of the free and easy-to-use tools that Google offers is the Google My Business or simply known as GMB. It helps you manage and provide crucial information about your business such as your contact information, location, operating hours, and more to existing and potential customers. Ask your SEO agency to add your business and website to GMB.

Did you check if it’s fast and easy to access your content on all devices?

While most users complete their searches from their mobile phones, it’s still necessary to check that your website quickly loads and the content is properly displayed no matter the screen size is.

Is your website secured?

Make sure that your connection is secured with HTTPS. Most searchers expect to have a secure online experience nowadays.

If you need additional help from the experts, then why not get in touch with an experienced SEO agency. Their SEO specialists will be a great source of assistance to know how you can improve your website and the necessary changes you need to make to increase its visibility on Google and other search engines.

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