What are Coworking Spaces and Why do we Need it?

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With today's trends in independent working and freelancing, the demand for coworking spaces increases. But what exactly are coworking office spaces and how do they work?

What are Coworking Spaces and Why do we Need it?

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A coworking space is designed for people who independently work for different clients and projects without a formal office of their own. Instead of working from home which often lacks collaboration, some clients and employers prefer their staff to work in coworking spaces that will make them experience the corporate world but in a non-traditional way since everyone will share an office with several workers from different companies.

Since most people who need a coworking space only work project-based, it’s not usually required to sign a long-term lease but everyone still has the benefit of convenience, complete equipment, and utilities while being able to save big time.

What are the advantages of co-working spaces?

Expand your personal and professional networks – networking is one of the reasons why coworking space is loved by many. The moment you start working on shared office space, you will find new people with common interests and opportunities which expands your network and make the transition from agency or working at home to an independent but collaborative environment easily.

Flexibility – the reason why coworking spaces are perfect for start-ups, small businesses, and freelancers is that it offers more flexible deals. Aside from affordability since you won’t be required to sign a long-term lease, you will also have the flexibility of working anywhere in the office or even work from home or outside sometimes which can boost creativity and help you think.

Save yourself from dealing with service providers and utility bills – with a coworking space, you won’t be dealing with paying internet services and other bills. As long as you’re paying for your shared space, then everything will be done for you. You also get the benefit of having a receptionist, conference room, WiFi, printers, shared pantry which often has available coffee, tea, and snacks.

Who needs coworking spaces?

Freelancers and remote workers – whether you are a developer, digital publisher, graphic artist, writer, or a Jack of all trades who work remotely can take advantage of coworking spaces instead of working from home which can eventually make you fall into a rut. Meeting people in coworking spaces with the same things you do can increase your productivity and give you the chance to grow your skills.

Start-ups – since most start-ups have a limited budget, the overhead cost is not very ideal especially if there are only a few staff. With shared offices, small businesses can save a lot while maximizing the benefit of coworking spaces such as employee productivity, equipment use, network, and lesser admin work.

Small businesses – with a small number of employees sometimes need help with good custom spaces that are collaborative. This can enhance their staff productivity and network which coworking spaces usually offer.

As the demands of freelancers rise as well as the preference of workers to work with flexibility, the shared office becomes one of the best options. Workers nowadays like to explore and don’t want to follow the traditional path anymore. A few years from now, more and more freelancers and entrepreneurs will take a leap and coworking space will be a norm.

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