Why Gardening is Good for You and the Environment?

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Gardening is one of the healthiest hobbies one can ever experience in life. It reduces stress, improves strength, makes you happy, and not to mention that it’s an effective way to promote healthy eating at home. 

Anyone with their own home or space can do gardening. There's no excuse to have your own garden, live a healthier life, and protect the environment and nature. 

Why Gardening is Good for You and the Environment?

Why Gardening is Good for You and the Environment?

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Here are the major reasons why gardening is good for your health and the environment.  

1. Exposure to Vitamin D - Exposure to early morning sunlight blesses you with Vitamin D which increases your calcium level which is important for bone growth and for a healthy immune system. Pursuing a fun hobby like gardening not only gives happiness but also makes you healthier. 

2. Boost good mood - According to studies, gardening is a better stress-fighting activity than any other hobby. The study cited on CNN reported that participants who have undergone a stressful task before staying 30 minutes in a garden have shown lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

3. Planting is a natural air and ground cleaner - Plants of any sort can help remove any harmful chemicals that may be floating around in the air, which promotes an overall healthier environment to be within. This is especially true if the soil being used is organic potting soil. This organic material helps soil retain water and nutrients around your plants' roots which also means healthier ground.

If you want to better protect the environment through gardening, make sure to only use organic matter such as organic pesticides for plants, neem oil, and healthy fertilizer.

People turn to gardens for a variety of reasons. But one thing is for sure, gardening has no downside so it’s worth a try it and invest in a home garden. If you decide to finally engage with gardening, you can check out some gardening supplies in Singapore online to start.

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