Three Luck Construction

626 Senja Road #01-170 Singapore 670626

(+65) 6763 1389

Three Luck Construction (1997) has been serving clients since 1997 and has always received good feedback from clients of jobs well done. We have been working closely and adhering to all NTUC Income Home Services standards after we were invited by NTUC Home services to be under their panel of recommended contractors. We show professionalism and responsibility for our work and for the work of our colleagues who are defined as working under our employment or supervision. We uphold the integrity and reputation of the NTUC Income Home Services and our experience in dealing with clients. We provide professional advice on likely risks and consequences to clients and allow clients to decide their preferred choice. We pride ourselves in the services we provide and strive to always give our clients the utmost standards. Our services also come with warranty to give clients a peace of mind after engaging us to solve their problems.

Our services - Specialist in Waterproofing & Roof
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  • Other time 10:00-14:00

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