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Well Eyes

(+65) 6747 6636

Our “Six In One” Technology
- Patent eye essence: Traditional chinese medicine to promote blood circulation
- Series of treatment technique & activities
- Massage through 13 acupunctural points around eyes with...

Repairs Services

Maxzo Interior

(+65) 6747 6636

We're landed specialist with experience over 15 years. We are definitely a company you can trust!

Our services have A & A works, interior design, water features, landscaping, custom made carpentry, space...

Repairs Services

Grandhome Scaffold Enterprise

(+65) 6747 6636

Established in 1986, Grandhome is today a renowned and well established one-stop provider of a diverse range of scaffolding needs. With a solid 26 years of experience rendering the highest calibre of service to the...


Pets’ Gantry

(+65) 6747 6636

With deep love for animals, Pets’ Gantry was born from the dream-come-true of a husband and wife team. The couple has a profound understanding to animals, so you are advised to trade with them. They...


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Car Servicing

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Health & Wellness

Lymphatic Massage is a kind of technique that is used for treating accumulation of fluid that usually occurs when...