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Let us help you build your brand with effective magazine advertisement and engage a large amount of your target audience. With our magazine campaigns, we will reach your desired customers on a regular basis, create a vast brand awareness, deliver ROI, and significantly boost sales.

Apart from providing a large reach for your business and engaging a large amount of potential customers, magazine advertising encourages deep reading, leading to a thorough comprehension of your products and services. Safe from distractions, your target audience will see your brand name, ad, and comprehensively digest your offer, delivering high impact and putting them in a better position to convert.

Do you want to push your business to those that really matter and take them from offline to online with ease? At QRMart, we will provide you with magazine interactivity through the inclusion of your website address, making it easy for your customers to read about you on magazines and seamlessly visit your website. With Near Field Communication, Augmented Reality, and QR Codes, we will link your print ad to your website or other dedicated online offer.

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