Marugen KOI Farm Singapore

8 Lim Chu Kang Lane 9A Singapore 718877

SMS/Whatspp Us @ (+65) 9745 9730 or (+65) 9759 4481

Marugen Koi Farm is a boutique Japanese koi fish farm in Singapore. It offers specially hand-picked high quality imported Japanese Kois from leading breeders in Japan. It also specializes in breeding quality Japanese koi fish, and offers these Marugen Koi Farm bred Japanese koi for sale in Singapore, as well as export to other countries such as Europe, South Africa, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt and The Philippines. Marugen Fish Farm also breeds quality Cross Back Golden Arowana, where the Marugen Fish Farm bred arowanas are predominantly exported to Japan.

Marugen Koi Farm Singapore
The farmers behind Marugen Koi Farm started off as avid koi hobbyists turned koi dealers and breeders.

As koi dealers, Marugen Koi Farm offers specially hand-picked high quality Imported Japanese Kois from leading breeders in Japan, such as Dainichi Koi Farm, Matsue Koi Farm, Isa Koi Farm, Hoshikin Koi Farm, Nogami Koi Farm, Ikarashi Koi Farm, Marudo Koi Farm, Sekiguchi Koi F
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