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10 Interesting Benefits of Co Working Space in Singapore

13 July 2017

A co working space in Singapore can easily change your business in significant and beneficial ways. If you’ve never witnessed one, it’s some sort of shared place of work that your workforce can use for long if necessary. This idea is basically trembling up your corporate world.

A co-working space in Singapore can easily change your business in significant and beneficial ways. If you’ve never witnessed one, it’s some sort of shared place of work that your workforce can use for long if necessary. This idea is basically trembling up your corporate world.

Coworking spaces are pretty much like rental homes or hotels for businesses. They are used certainly one of these centers to conduct conferences, call customers, and look after all types of other day-to-day businesses.

In case you’re unsure that this sort of setup is right for your business, evaluate the benefits listed below of co working space Singapore.

1. Co Working Spaces Are Completely Equipped

A number of these spaces provide luxurious lounges, roomy conference areas, letterboxes, and high-quality reception assistance. On top of that, generally, they consist of all of the marketing communications technologies and other things that your company would require.

2. You’ll Cut Costs

Renting or buying a workplace building can be excessively pricey, specifically for small and new businesses. It’s hardly surprising that 50 % of all colleagues can enjoy higher earnings.

3. These Types of Spaces Encourage Social Networking

One of the best features about collaborative work are the multitude networking opportunities. If your workers socialize with individuals from other businesses, they can talk about solutions to their common issues. You’re certain to get some useful new strategies, and you will probably even find start-up business associates and customers as well.

4. People Can Easily Do the Job Any Time During the Day

Around 70 % of professionals want to work beyond normal hours at least a few of the time. Needless to say, coworking spaces let them set their own agendas.

5. It’s An Approach of Attracting a Young Employees

Around 81 percent of those who use coworking spaces are generally younger than 45. The particular collaborative and modern nature of these places seem to entice this demographic. For that reason, if you’re trying to invite younger women and men to do the job for you, offering them the opportunity to consider coworking may help.

6. These Spaces Tend to Be Scalable

The Singapore workforce has been evolving. By 2020, 4 out of every 15 professional people in the Singapore won’t be linked to any company. Amazingly, instead, they’ll be momentary workers, self-employed, or freelancers in a few other ways.

Why establish your company in a big workplace complex when there’s absolutely no way to know the number of full-time employees you’ll get within a few years? By comparison, a shared workplace is extremely adaptable.

7. This Environment Will Make You Feel Good

You will be shocked to find out that sixty-eight percent of co-workers believe they can focus better. In addition to that, 70 % feel “healthier” compared to what they would in a common business office setting and ninety-one percent mention that they talk far better with others. Maybe the old-fashioned place of work? Having its small working areas, minor politics, and temporary fights over car parking spaces? has now outlived its success.

8. Doing Work at Your Own Speed

Coworking facilitates you to make some space for both you and your customers -- only enough to divert energy to your tasks and continue at your own pace. Avoid investing hours to the same disruptions and interruptions that normally trouble your days. Why don't you work in a fresh environment, encompassed by new stimuli and new people? Coworking can be quite a relief from day-to-day office concerns about strict work deadlines or customers trying to reach you rushly without an appointment.

9. Collaborating

Coworking gives you the chance to collaborate with a number of vibrant minds. You can even make new buddies along the way. Closeness will give you a chance to "pick new brains" of pros in your own profession as well as those who work in relevant career fields. Freelancers may choose to work with graphic artists, website developers, coders and other copywriters whose work and information help shape innovative viewpoints.

10. Obtainable Expert Help If Needed

Coworking spaces collect the best brains, each professional in their own industry. Once you spend some time to construct your societal network in your coworking space, you can easily approach your professional associates for prime quality information on an array of subjects like social networking and internet marketing, development, design and much more. The synergies and shared assistance of one associate to another are priceless.

Considering the variety of benefits, coworking spaces contain a lot to offer to new online companies, small businesses, or even companies that are helpless to stay profitable. This environment can explore more ideas to businesses in positive and profitable ways. Therefore, if you want to start your new venture or a small business then co working space will be the good option. 

Newly opened Co Working Space at the East Area of Singapore!

Dedicated / Hot Desk

Meeting Room

Pantry Area

Relaxing Area


Interested? Come and visit their coworking space! Call 6228 2589, or drop them an email at enquiry@onespace.com.sg


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