5 Most Basic Questions about SEO

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5 Most Basic Questions about SEO

SEO – what is it?

Recognized as an essential tool in digital marketing, search engine optimization or SEO is defined as a method of improving your website through increasing its visibility for certain searches. This means that if your pages have better visibility in the SERPs for relevant searches, your business has a higher chance of catching the attention and attracting existing and prospective customers.

Now, you may have read or heard of the definition of SEO a hundred times already and even have a basic understanding of it. However, it is still possible that you don’t have a solid grasp of what this marketing strategy is all about. Fortunately, this article aims to answer all of your questions about search engine optimization.

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5 Most Basic Questions about SEO

“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about PARTNERING with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” - Phil Frost

SEO – why is it important for marketing my business?

Every year, people perform trillions of searches online. If your company already has a website, why not make sure that it is getting the maximum searchability and visibility it can garner through SEO? When your brand is highly visible in the search engine results pages, it means that your brand along with your products and services is trusted by Google and other search engines. With the relevant traffic coming to your website once SEO is implemented by your choice of SEO agency in Singapore or elsewhere, there’s a higher chance of your business securing leads and sales.

SEO – how does it work?

Understanding how SEO works is crucial especially when you’re in the middle of securing a deal with an agency to provide you with SEO services. It may seem confusing at first, but there are plenty of resources online including this one where you can get vital information about SEO optimization services.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing make use of bots to crawl through numerous pages on the website. These “crawlers” will go from one site to another as it collects information about these pages and putting everything it gathered in an index. Algorithms will then be analyzing each page in the index and consider various ranking factors or signals set by the search engines. This is all to decide on the ranking of each page when appearing in the search engine results for particular queries.

On the part of SEO agencies and businesses, there are various processes to implement to help improve the ranking of the website.

1. Keyword Research & Selection

Users perform their searches online and they do so by using keywords. Hence, keywords play a major role in helping your website, page, or listing appear in the right search results. When you use and target the right terms, not only will it help drive more traffic to your page but you’re also able to reach people who are already interested in your business and what you offer that can lead to a sale. By conducting keyword research, the SEO agency in Singapore can help you find relevant keywords to your business that you can add to your site and help rank your pages in the right search results.

2. On-page SEO Strategies

In addition to keyword research, there are on-page SEO strategies that you should not overlook as they can help improve your site’s rankings such as optimizing content and meta tags. As part of the on-page SEO strategies, optimizing content is a valuable move to make because you can control what is written and how it is optimized. For example, you can write a blog that’s not only relevant to your business but also matches the user search intent. Integrate keywords as much as possible but don’t go overboard as it can lead to keyword stuffing, which is an unethical search engine optimization practice.

Meta tags, on the other hand, are texts or descriptions of your content pages. These tags appear in the coding of your site, but users can’t see these when they search online. It’s for the search engines’ bots so they can understand your website or page’s context when they read the meta tags after crawling your pages.

3. Off-page SEO Strategies

If on-page SEO involves performing activities on the website, off-page, on the other hand, refers to actions done outside of your website but can influence your rankings. For example, you have control over your content and meta tags because you can optimize them. However, a backlink is another story because you can’t control it. When other authority sites or domains are linking to your content or website, it improves your site’s authority and validity in the eyes of Google. When an industry expert links to your content, it helps in building Google’s (and therefore, people’s) trust in your website.

SEO – how long does it take for it to work?

When it comes to SEO services, it will take about 4 to 6 months before you can start seeing results and it will depend on a number of factors such as:

Competition: In such a cutthroat environment, your competitors are probably investing in the same industry search keywords as you are - making it highly competitive in the world of SEO.

Website Foundation: It will take time for a new website to build up its authority compared to websites that have been up for months or years. It will take time for Google to crawl all of your pages and try to determine how your site should be ranked amongst all of the other already existing or new content online.

Google Algorithm updates: Google is constantly updating its search algorithm to make the search results better for all users. What you can do is make sure to follow the SEO guidelines so your site’s ranking won’t be hurt by the update.

User Searches & Behaviour: Making sure that your website satisfies your users by providing them with useful information will help improve your ranking. It’s because Google considers how users interact with your website, do they stay long and go through pages, or do they immediately bounce in search of other, more useful websites?

SEO – how to know if your marketing strategy is already working?

There are different ways to know if your search engine optimization is working. Are you experiencing higher website traffic? When you check your Google Analytics, do you see an increase in the time on page of your users? If most of your keywords are ranking on page 1, then that means SEO is working for your website. But combine this with a decrease in bounce rate as well as an increase in conversions, then your SEO agency in Singapore or elsewhere is doing a great job in marketing your business online.

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