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When it comes to picking the right chemistry tuition for your kid, here’s why Making Sense Learning Centre stands out.



A simple philosophy drives the teaching methodologies at Making Sense Learning Centre – liking a subject is a key to mastering it. Mr. William Lin believes this is the key to devising successful strategies for teaching chemistry effectively to his students. But what makes Making Sense unique, and why are they the best choice for your child?

Tired And Trusted

With a passion for teaching and the enthusiasm to effectively transform his students’ academic performance for the better, Mr. William has proven himself to be one of the most sought-after tutors in Chemistry. One of his most remarkable feats has been to coach over 500 students year after year, an achievement that is not easily matched by many tutors across the nation. His achievements and success stories are a testament to the center’s trustworthy teaching practices.

Nothing But The Best

Apart from student testimonials, Making Sense has also made waves by garnering recognition across platforms. Mr. William has won multiple prestigious awards and has appeared on television, in national newspapers and magazines, apart from being spotted across SMRT station display panels. His unique classes and dynamic energy are both effective and enlightening and have been recognized for their excellence.

Results, Delivered

With Making Sense, the difference in teaching practices can be quantifiably measured with concrete results and noticeable improvement in grades and student performance. The center has a yearly track record of approximately 90% of its students achieving A or B grades in their A-Levels. The center has no selection criteria for the students they admit, as they believe in offering help to all those students keen on working hard and improving their grades while simultaneously developing a deeper conceptual understanding in the subject.

Top-Notch Material

The centre prides itself in producing exclusive study material for its students. They go the extra mile to develop customized material, the kind that stands to be compared with those from the best colleges. The materials are well-structured, detailed, and succinctly written, making them easy to read and comprehend. Many of the students rely heavily on these notes for solidifying concepts and improving recall. Their material has time and again proven to be strong allies in ensuring students remain ahead of the national average.

Best Of Both Worlds

You may think to yourself, can group tuitions ever one-up one-on-one home tuitions? After all, individualized care and attention ought to be better than group settings. But results at Making Sense often prove otherwise. First, quality teaching practices for a group of students prove to benefit the student in the same way that home tuition does, with the added element of group spirit and camaraderie to encourage the child. Moreover, home tuition may not be able to offer the kind of customized materials that ensure student retention even outside the tuition rooms. In addition, this improved quality of teaching along with meticulously curated notes comes at a lower cost than private home tuitions. But to bridge the gap even further, Making Sense also offers one-to-one consultations for students to better address their individual needs.

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