Bathroom Must-Knows for Choosing the Finest Fittings

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It’s a sanctuary, a peaceful place where you can comfortably soak up shower time. Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or fixing up a new one, here’s a quick must-know guide when selecting your fittings.


Bathroom Must-Knows for Choosing the Finest Fittings

Mirror Storage Solutions

Unless your home is huge, extra storage solutions are always recommended, especially for bathroom where space is usually a luxury – and limited. Your bathroom mirror is an essential component. Consider both its aesthetics and function. It shouldn’t just radiate beauty, but also reflect good planning.

We recommend choosing mirror cabinets mounted above your sink for extra storage for your bathroom necessities like toiletries and facial towels.

Tapping on the Right Resources

Your sink tap is an important bathroom addition. Before buying one, ask about the type: is it a disc, compression washer, cartridge or ball faucet? Are replacements readily available if your purchase leaks or is ruined?

If you’re staying with elderly or have young kids, select a long handle that’s easy to reach. Get a type that’s also easy to use for the elderly.

A Bathtub Boost

Everyone loves a good soak in a bathtub after a long and exhausting day at work. A good selection of a bathtub might not seem important to everyone, but there are different types of bathtubs to suit everyone’s needs.

Firstly, consider your bathroom size. Stay within the available space and pick one that still allows enough area to move about.

There are also various types of bathtubs for you to choose from – jet tubs, solo tubs, soaking tubs, whirlpool tubs and more. Find a tub that satisfies its intended purpose.

For added safety, you may also consider anti-slip tubs, especially when kids are involved! With a wine glass in hand and a book in another, a good soak in your luxurious bathtub sends you on cloud nine. Pick your perfect bathtub now!

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