Birthday Party Surprises Kids Will Love

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Birthday is one of the most exciting days that your kid will look forward to celebrating in a year. Therefore, you need to give your child an unforgettable experience by throwing a fun surprise birthday party. These birthday party ideas will be able to help you with planning just that.

Kids Birthday Party

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Birthday Party Surprises Kids Will Love

Is your kid’s birthday coming up within a couple of months? Then you need to start looking for the best birthday party ideas as early as you can. Here is a list of some of the best birthday party ideas, themes, and surprises that kids will definitely love. Then you will be able to start planning and purchase what you want with cheap party supplies in Singapore stores and go ahead with the surprise. 

1. Raindrop Party

Is the sky filled with clouds most of the time? It’s the spring season and your kid’s birthday is up the corner, but you don’t need rain in order to have a Raindrop party. You can simply decorate the party venue with raindrops and cloud cutouts. You can purchase blue and white colored decorations, utensils, party props, and other relevant supplies such as banners and helium balloons in Singapore to stick to the party's theme.

2. Garden Party

If you have an adventure-loving kid, try to do the party outdoors with a garden-themed party. Decorate the venue with pastel colors for a bright and fun feel, and add in real plants and flowers for nature/garden vibe. Prepare some fruits, snacks, and juices that kids and grown-ups will surely love. Then you will be able to let your little one play with other kids with enjoyable outdoor games and activities.

3. Emoji party

If you want to be more modern and go digital, you may consider throwing an emoji party where decorations are popular emojis used online. Props like emoji masks for guests that they can use for a photobooth or emoji-themed cupcakes. It would surely put a smile on everyone’s face.

4. Tea Party

If you prefer to be traditional for the upcoming birthday party, a Tea party would be one of the best options available. You can introduce the fancy theme of the tea party with mini sandwiches and crumpets. You may also refer to some party ideas online to look for the best birthday party decorations for a traditional party.

5. Rainbow Party

The April showers bring more than just May flowers and rainbows. A Rainbow party would be a timely party idea available for your fun and playful kid. This simple party idea that you can easily prepare with all the colorful items you can think of

6. Basketball Party

If your kid is a sports fanatic – especially ball games then you can consider throwing a mini basketball-themed party at your home. You can create a DIY basketball court or perhaps you can check party shops with inflatable props for rent that will suit your sports-themed party.

7. Fairy Party

Your prince or princess would obviously love this magical birthday party idea. Let everyone dress up for the part, add some elegant and magical décor, beautiful cake props, flower crowns, and some fairy dust and your Fairy party will definitely become a hit. You may add some activities for kids too and look for party shops with bouncy castle rental that will keep the kids busy and active. 

8. Chef Party

If your little one is a foodie, loves watching Junior Master Chef, or just really interested in cooking, then let your kid and sous-chefs have a blast during the birthday party. Open up your kitchen for the young wannabe chefs, prepare some cake or cookie ingredients for an on-the-spot baking/cooking showdown. You can let them design their own aprons as well. In addition, you can give chef hats to the guests, so that everyone will get that restaurant chef to feel.

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