Choosing the Right Window Curtains for Your Home

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When it comes to sunshade solution for your window, you usually have two main options available to consider. They include the window curtains and window blinds. If you don’t go for the right option out of these two, there is a high possibility for you to end up with frustration. That’s why you need to look deeper into the pros and cons of each and go ahead with the best according to your preference.


Choosing the Right Window Curtains for Your Home

The process of searching for the best sun shade for your windows can be quite overwhelming. Choosing for the best one is often an overlooked design decision as well.

Curtains or Blinds? That is the question.

With many options on curtains and blinds Singapore,it is a hard task to choose the perfect one for your space. Read on for the list of pros & cons associated with hdb window blinds and curtains installation. Afterwards, you will be able to understand and decide for the suitable option for your window.

Window Blinds Installation Pros

  • Blinds have the ability to offer a professional look. As a result, they are widely being used in offices. If you like minimalist look, this is the best option to consider.
  • The cost of getting blinders installed with the assistance of a handyman is relatively low.
  • Many different colors, styles, types and designs are available.

Window Blinds Installation Cons

  • You will need to clean the blinds in a weekly or monthly basis as they tend to collect dust quicker.
  • The process of installing blinds is complicated when compared to curtains. Therefore, you will need to seek assistance from an experienced window blinds installer at additional cost.

Curtains Installation Pros

  • You can always install your curtain on your own.
  • If you feel that the curtains are overlapping the edges of windows, you can make adjustments to it. You can ask for a professional tailor to cut it down or even customized based on your requirements.
  • Curtains can bring style and elegance to your living room.

Curtains Installation Cons

  • The curtains that you install at home are vulnerable to spills and stains. When you come across a spill or a stain, you will get the need to clean it as soon as possible.
  • If you have heavy curtains, you will have to wash them in bigger washers. Or else, you will need to get them dry cleaned.
  • Curtains need proper maintenance to retain its natural color and extend its lifespan.

Whether you opt for the traditional window curtains or choose the professional-looking window blinds, consider these pros and cons that can help you in selecting the right sun shade for your windows. Another option is to consult a curtain shop Singapore that you can trust to guide you in the decision-making process.