Covered Shelter & Roofing Ideas for Inspiration

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Also called as “the room outside”, your outdoor space needs much-needed TLC as your indoor space does. And although most of the day to day activities are done indoors, people enjoy spending their time outdoors relaxing, playing, strolling or just sitting with friends while sipping coffee.

All of us have a certain point in life when we find the indoors too confining and want to go outside. Outdoors often gives us a space to relax and be able to interact with nature. If your outdoor space needs a little freshening up here are few inspirations and ideas to help you create an outdoor space that not only accentuates but is also functional.

Awnings and shelter

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Covered Shelter & Roofing Ideas for Inspiration

Bright & Cheery


Source: @summeradamsdesigns

Freshen up your outdoor space with a retractable awning, some neutral shades and a few focal pieces. You can turn your outdoors into a bright and cheery outdoor dining area. Choose small plants with neutral colors such as white and yellows to brighten up your garden or outdoor area.

Urban Haven


Source: @loryjo

Clean lines, coherent design. Your outdoor space becomes a tranquil retreat from the hectic urban life. Strong pattern and straight lines creates a contemporary but dynamic look and feel. The geometric sunshade reinforces the design creating layers of patterns that complement the overall look.

Chic and Minimalistic


Source: @leweekend.co

Organic and muted color palettes allow the natural light do its work. Less is more. Simply cut out the clutter and avoid clashing materials. The use of a polycarbonate roof allows sunlight to create a dramatic effect.



Source: @serbakaca

Elegant and contemporary, this modernist outdoor space offers crisp and clean layout. This type of concept focuses more on architectural precision. Its contemporary furnitures, textural compostion and the play of light captures the very essence of a modernist outdoor space. The use of aluminium composite panel not only as a sunshade but as a geometrical design complements the overall theme of this outdoor space.

Ensuring your outdoor areas have enough sunshade structures and well-ventilated design will make the space not only functional but a much loved “livable” space.

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