Fleet Management System for Singapore SMEs: Does it really help

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 Fleet Management System for Singapore SMEs: Does it really help?

With the continuous evolution of technology and mobility, thousands and thousands of companies are embracing system upgrades. From the old-school ones to the modern Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SME’s), each one is slowly adapting and loving the benefits it can provide. And because of information being so accessible and people’s thoughts and ideas can be nurtured by just clicks and searches, SME’s are growing everywhere.

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Fleet Management System for Singapore SMEs: Does it really help

Company vehicles are essential parts of the company’s running system for them to function properly. And in every growing SME, there will be more people and vehicles to manage and micromanage which in time could be really difficult to follow around and track day-in and day-out. That’s why the Fleet Management Systems were made.

Small-Medium Sized Businesses could benefit from a fleet management system. For example, if your company is offering catering and food delivery, imagine having an event at 1 PM, it’s already 12 and the catering team hasn’t arrived yet. You have no idea where they are and the team has no response. Imagine the anxiety all around the event with that given problem. Having fleet management software, running and managing your fleet solves this - you’ll immediately know your answer in minutes if not seconds.

Other services companies like AirCon Services or Pest Control services could definitely use the system too. Tracking the team through a GPS system for cars would let you manage them easily and keep them on track and on time to their next booked schedule. If complaints and reviews come about - it would also be easy to track through reports and address them in time completely. 

Large-Scale Businesses most especially can benefit from this system. Since large-scale businesses use a whole lot of vehicles for the business to run, it would definitely be very difficult to keep track of each one. Companies like vehicle rental companies, taxis, movers, or even the retail delivery guys who deliver your LPG or packages are some of the examples.

To put it into simple perspective - a fleet management system is made to make companies’ lives easier. It is composed of vehicle tracking, diagnostics monitoring of the vehicles in the fleet, and most especially the driver behaviors. The system not only tracks each one in the fleet but also analyzes the patterns and gets back to you with a report whenever you need it. One system could track and control the whole day, week, month, year cycle of the fleet - the vehicles and people involved. Your fleet and the team’s efficiency could be improved, productivity increased, save on fuel cost, reduce risks, be able to detect what vehicles need maintenance, avoid issues - all in one system.

Having all that grasped and managed properly by a fleet manager would definitely improve the performance and efficiency of everyone significantly. Having a good united team and system running smoothly will surely reflect good reviews to your company.

So, the question is: Does the Fleet Management System help SMEs? The answer is definitely is a YES. Fleet management helps to ensure that the fleet can reach its greatest potential regardless of the type of fleet/business.

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