How to Achieve Safer Home for Elderly

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We always want our elderly to be safe independently as we’re not always around to look after them. Good thing mobility aids can be easily acquired nowadays, and you can find the most suitable option that can provide a high-level of independence for your elder parents or disabled loved ones.

How to Achieve Safer Home for Elderly

Read on to know the different mobility aids you can install for the elders’ different needs and specific tasks at home.


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1. Home Lift or Platform Lift

Home lift or Platform Lift (also known as home elevator) is a big help that enables the elders to easily and effortlessly move from floor to floor with just a press of a button.

2. Ramps

If stairs are not applicable in the house, a ramp can replace them.

3. Stairlifts / Chair Lift for Stairs

Stairlifts are a good support for everyone using the stairs regularly. This can also be a backup support for the elders in case a malfunction in home lift is encountered.

4. Adjustable wash basin

This is said to be a life-changing investment for handicapped and elderly people as this can support one’s rehabilitation program and assist them to regain skills that have been lost due to injury and disability. Adjustable wash basin also promotes safe moving and handling techniques.

5. Tub Transfer Seats

Bath or tub seats and benches are a must when creating a bathroom for elderly. This is safety mobility device which the user sits on to easily get into a bathtub.

6. Grab handles

This safety mobility device helps for getting in/out of the car as well as get in/out of bed, couch or chair safely and easily.

Safety mobility devices aren’t cheaper but it’s a good investment that fits the needs and ensure the safety of your parents or loved ones. With mobility aids, you’re increasing the elderly’s independence and helping them to naturally do their tasks and anything they want at home.

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