Ways to Make Your Home Accessible for Elderly & Handicap

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As a family, we always want everyone at home to feel comfortable and safe. Our home should also be the most convenient place for us. Making everything easily accessible especially to the elderly and handicap is a top priority when designing and arranging a home.

It would not be possible without the help of some installation and upgrade for your home. It’s an investment that everyone will benefit from in the long run.

Read on to know some ways to make important areas at home accessible to everyone.

Ways to Make Your Home Accessible for Elderly & Handicap

1. Keep the house neat and organized

kitchen for handicap

Make it a habit to clean the house and organize for easy reach of important things such as food and medicine. The kitchen should be kept organized make sure to have elderly and handicap accessible kitchen cabinets to avoid them from making the effort in reaching what they need. Remember to make your house a safe haven especially for kids, the elderly, and the handicap.

2. Remove the hazardous obstacle

Ensure everything is in place. Obstacles such as trailing cable, uneven flooring, loose mats and carpets, and a cluttered walkway are often unnoticed and a cause of slips, trips, and falls. Avoid this accident to happen and be sure to check these common obstacles every now and then.

3. Install handrails and adjustable washbasin in the bathroom


The bathroom is the most used by the elderly so it’s a must to keep it safe and versatile by installing handrails or grab bars. An adjustable washbasin is also a life-changing investment for a handicap accessible bathroom as it promotes independence and well-being.

4. Install home lifts


Stairlifts or home lifts are one of the advanced methods to help people with limited mobility have access to their multiple-story houses and avoid trips and falls because of uneven flooring. This space-saving method maintains mobility and safety at home. Wheelchair ramps are also a big help to help people with disabilities move around freely and safely.

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