Gardening Tools List for Big & Small Garden

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No matter what the size of garden you have, it's good to keep some garden tools with you at home for a convenient more productive gardening.

Gardening Tools List for Big & Small Garden

Gardening Tools List

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Whatever our passion is, it will always require investment not just time but also money. In gardening, in order to make the most out of it, we need to have complete gardening tools no matter how small or big our garden is. It will be worth it to buy these tools since it’s necessary and will help gardeners and homeowners grow plants, vegetables and fruits which in return, will save them money.

In this article, we will list some of the most important garden supplies to have for a convenient and outright gardening.

1. Gloves – gardening can be thorny and dirty, so having the right pair of gloves is essential. Pick a glove that is durable but not too bulky as it could not be comfortable to hold scissors and other tools that need a strong grip. Choose a glove that perfectly fits your hands to avoid blisters and opt for water resistant, breathable and protective enough to prevent scratches.

2. Pruning Shears – this is one of the go-to garden tools for cutting off stems, twigs and flowers. Choose a pruner that fits easily in the palm of your hands. There are different types you can choose from such as Anvil, Bypass, and Ratcheting. Choose the one that best fits your need.

3. Grass Cutter – this one is usually used to tear up the lawn easily. Use this to remove grass for new garden spaces or when preparing for a new lawn.

4. Lawnmower – another useful tool to cut grass easily. Typically powered by gas or electricity, they usually keep the grass short, but some have levers which enables you to choose your desired length.

5. Cordless blower – this garden and industrial tool can help blast dry leaves and debris out of your garden easily. Most leaf blowers nowadays are cordless, making it more convenient to use.

6. Hose and Sprayer – for a more convenient watering, simply buy hose and sprayer. Just opt the heavy-duty rubber hose that will last for years.

7. Wheelbarrow – easily carry your gardening essentials such as soil, compost, and more all at once.

8. Loppers – this has larger blades than pruners ideal for cutting bigger branches.

You can be more productive in gardening if you have the supplies mentioned above. If you happen to miss anything here, then there are available gardening tools Singapore you can easily buy online.

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