Home Care Solutions for Ageing Population in Malaysia

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Home Care Solutions for Ageing Population in Malaysia

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As our loved ones grow old, we tend to worry that we might find it hard to assist them when they already have reduced physical movement. In Malaysia, it’s a norm to invest in aging loved ones’ safety and welfare. This way, aging Malaysians can feel confident roaming around the home and even outdoor without needing other’s support.

Home Care Solutions for Ageing Population in Malaysia

With the solutions invented to help with mobility at home, we can now feel confident to leave our aged loved ones and do the activities they used to do inside the house. Here are some of the mobility and accessibility installations you can apply at home to ensure the safety of your loved ones while you are away.

1) Home Lifts

Home lift solutions

This is usually installed in the stairway areas of a multi-level home. Residential lifts are a big help to easily transfer a disabled person from one floor to another safely. It features a control pod that is manageable to use, seat safety sensors, seat belts, comfortable upholstery, and more.

2) Handicap Accessible Bathroom

adjustable washbasin

The bathroom could be a dangerous area in the house therefore you must make sure that it’s not prone to slip and slide. Installing an adjustable washbasin that can be raised and lowered is advisable especially for a person riding a wheelchair.

3) Handicap Accessible Kitchen Cabinets

accessible kitchen cabinets for wheelchair users

Make them feel they can do everything thereby making kitchen stuff easily accessible. An adjustable kitchen cabinet is ideal for the physically challenged elderly.

There are also vehicle wheelchair lifts available online to help with convenience whenever they go with you outdoors. It’s also ideal to get used to automobile adaptation for a more convenient and independent experience for the elderly. You just need to find a good home lift supplier then start the installation of the mentioned mobility solutions and help your elderly loved ones be free of worries when alone at home.

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