Simple Steps in Taking Care of Garden Tools

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Yes, gardens are muddy and mushy, so we tend to always leave our garden tools and ourselves unclean after the gardening. This could lead to tarnished and blunt tools that can decrease its performance and life span. 

Simple Steps in Taking Care of Garden Tools

Gardening tools are expensive, and gardening is a routine so taking good care of your plant pots should not be your only priority. Taking good care of the tools is also a must. Taking care of garden tools is doable and only needs some basic supplies. Find out below some simple tips for taking good care of gardening tools which you can fit into your garden routine.


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1. Gather and inspect tools

Gather all your tools and inspect them one by one. Assess the tools that you feel are too far gone which you should add to your list for replacement. Find the basic tools you need and make sure all are in good condition to be maintained for the gardening season.

2. Clean tools

Cleaning ways are different from tools to tools. For smaller hand tools, you can use soap, water and wire brush. For digging tools, a water from hose with wire brush can effectively scrape the excess dirt. Be sure to wipe it out thoroughly with rag to dry them before keeping.

3. Sharpen tools

Maintain the sharpness of your gardening tools with a metal file. For advanced tools, a motorized sharpener can easily remove the blunt edges.

4. Seal and protect tools

Use multi-purpose oil along the edges to protect tools from moisture and rust. This also helps avoid the sticking of dirt and root on your shovel and other metal tools.

5. Store well your tools

Keep gardening tools indoors especially the power tools. Basic tools can be hanged up in the garage or shed. For power tools, you can buy hooks that can hold up to 50 pounds which is also powder-coated which can resist chipping and rust. A garage wall system can also be considered for a more advanced storage solution.

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